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New Elise Car Aerial

on Wed, 14/12/2011 - 17:00

Original Elise Aerial
I've never been a huge fan of the long aerial sticking up on the back of the Elise. For me it makes the otherwise sporty appearance of the Lotus look a little like a cross between a remote control car and a puppy wagging its tail. An image I’ve struggled to shake from my mind after someone pointed it out...

Recently noticing the aerial on the back of my Elise to be in a pretty bad way, here was my excuse for a change. I couldn’t say exactly what had happened to it but it looked an awful lot like the rubber section had been chewed by a rodent or corroded by something acidic, either way it didn’t look good.

So dutifully retiring the standard part I went on with the hunt for something new. It wasn’t quite the shopping experience I had hoped for though and while there are quite a few options out there the majority looked pretty cheap and nasty. Eventually I settled on a "Bullet" style aerial made by Sumex (purchased via Amazon) and it arrived a few days later. Holding the new aerial in place it was immediately clear it was a darker and shinier black than the rest of the trim on the car but good enough for the time being. Fitting it was very straight forward, a simple case of unscrewing the old one from the base unit and screwing on the new. The screw provided is the correct size but the fit at the join isn't 100% perfect. It doesn't quite follow the slanted angle of the base unit and leaves a very small inward lip where it meets. The result is something that looks a little after-market to anyone looking in detail. Although, at less than a third of the length of the original at least it is no longer a distraction every time I look in the rear view mirror.

New Elise Aerial
Now as I’m talking about a new aerial it would make sense to mention it in the context of the radio and its ability to pick up stations. At this point I’ll have to be honest and say I’ve never really listened to the radio in the Elise, generally I find there’s not a lot of point trying to listen to anything over about 50mph. As such please don’t use this as a review of the product as a radio receiver but rather as a description of a purely vain and aesthetic exercise :-)

Overall I'd say I'm fairly happy with the new aerial for now. While the fit and colour might not be perfect I do prefer the fact that it is shorter. I might change it again if I see something better but for now it does the job.