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Lotus Elise Key

on Sun, 08/07/2007 - 17:00

Lotus Elise Keys
There weren't many things about the Elise that disappointed me when I first collected it but if I had to pick one it would be the key. I shouldn't be so vain and it annoys me that I am but come on Lotus, parts-bin just isn't good enough. Any Petrolhead would probably agree that going from a Vauxhall Corsa to a Lotus Elise is a pretty big jump and one that you’d want to be special, right from the moment you turn the key. So when it transpired that the Elise used the same key housing as my old Corsa, my heart sunk a little. Ok this is a bit sad, but when I started this blog I promised myself I'd write a true and unbiased account of Lotus ownership that includes everything from the key through to driving dynamics.

From what I've seen Lotus key housings have improved slightly over time but I can't understand why anyone thought that parts-bin was the right way to go here. Surely a small piece of mass produced plastic wouldn't have been an expensive addition? I'm not after an Aston Martin crystal "Emotional Control Unit" to bring the engine to life, just a nicely styled bespoke key with integrated alarm control. In fact, don’t get me started on the alarm/immobiliser fob. It's one thing not being integrated with the key but why make it so damn ugly! Manufactured by Cobra it does the job sure enough but like the key housing deflates the initial experience.

On a related subject I really wish the car had central locking. It wouldn't have to be full remote operated system, just plain old central locking would do. While available on some of the 111S spec cars onwards I feel it should really be standard on all models right from the start.

Ok, whinge mode off. As you can see in the picture I've since made some improvement with an official Lotus branded keyring. They seemed to be giving these out like hot cakes at one point so thankfully I have enough to cover the spare as well.