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Lotus Elise Road Tax Diary (UK)

on Sun, 03/04/2016 - 17:00

Tax Disc
Ah road tax, that unavoidable yet necessary evil. I wouldn’t mind paying road tax, honestly I wouldn’t, but as a Lotus owner I am -quite literally- more sensitive than most to the vast number of pot holes in British roads. Since I first bought my Elise in 2007 road tax has increased year on year, here’s what it’s cost me:

£165 - 2007
£170 - 2008
£170 - 2009 - woohoo no change!
£200 - 2010
£210 - 2011
£215 - 2012
£220 - 2013
£225 - 2014
£225 - 2015
£230 - 2016

Total road tax cost during ownership so far = £2,030

It’s worth noting that not all Elise and Exige variants are in the same tax band - in

Dune Buggy in Lanzarote

on Sun, 29/09/2013 - 17:00

Feloz Dune Buggy
I look down to see a thick coat of red-ish orange volcanic dust has covered me from head to toe. If it wasn't for the Navy camo scalf and Oakleys protecting my face I wouldn't be able to see or breathe. When asked what I'd like for my Birthday, I answered the way I always do "I'd like to drive something fun that I've not driven before". My sister and brother-in-law duly delivered. Next to me sits an 1100cc Feloz Ninja dune buggy, across from me the undulating rocky surface of the southern tip of Lanzarote island.

Opting for the 3hr 'Safari' we spend approximately 60% of that time off road on

Elise Tyre - Bridgestone Potenza RE040

on Tue, 05/03/2013 - 17:00

Bridgestone Tyre
I've been using the same set of Bridgestone Potenza RE040's since I first bought the Elise second hand back in 2006. There was quite a thorough pack of past bills and documentation but no record of new tyres being fitted, so I can only assume it is still wearing the same rubber it rolled out of the factory on almost 11 years ago. The Bridgestone’s were standard fitment at the time and Lotus engineers worked with the manufacturer, to produce a version of the ‘Potenza’ tyre specifically for the ‘Mk.2’ Elise with the aim of optimising performance on both road and track.

The RE040's have always

CTEK MSX5.0 Battery Charger

on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 17:00

CTEK Battery Charger
While a battery charger/reconditioner might not make the Lotus Elise go any faster, it does make sure it will actually go. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know a flat battery is a pretty regular occurrence, and while I have a great jump start device, there is nothing that spoils a car more than the looming knowledge that another weekend has passed when you haven't had a chance to dust off the driving shoes and the battery is slowly fading that little bit more. When living in London there was a period when I was buying a new battery almost every year, and frankly it hurt.

AutoGlym Aqua Wax

on Fri, 09/11/2012 - 17:00

AutoGlym Aqua Wax
I’ve been so impressed by AutoGlym’s Aqua Wax I feel the need to post about it.

Quite simply it provides a great finish while being really quick and easy to apply. It’s not that I don’t like to be thorough when detailing the Elise, quite the opposite, like many car enthusiasts I already spend far too long with a bucket and sponge out.

Top 10 Favorite Cars Of All Time

on Wed, 12/09/2012 - 17:00

After a great deal of deliberation...

1979 Corvette Stingray 350
10) 1979 Corvette Stingray 350

Counting down from 10 and kicking off with an unlikely American classic, the Corvette Stingray. Now I tend to rule out American cars as a general rule of thumb but there is something about the front wheel arches and overall stance of the Stingray, not unlike that of the Elise, that I find overwhelmingly desirable.

2012 Barcelona Grand Prix

on Sun, 13/05/2012 - 17:00

Barcelona Starting Grid
I'll start by saying that if you're considering traveling to an overseas Grand Prix then I would thoroughly recommend Barcelona and the Circuit de Catalunya. From beginning to end the experience was hassle free and thoroughly enjoyable. Of course the sunny weather helps things along rather nicely.

Circuit de Catalunya is a real spectators circuit with many of the best viewing spots on the grassy banks available under a general admission ticket. There was plenty of space where families, groups of friends and hardcore race fans could be seen sunning themselves and enjoying home made picnics.

The Return of Lotus to Formula 1

on Thu, 01/03/2012 - 17:00

Lotus F1 Car
The celebrated marque of Lotus returned to Formula 1 in 2010 and since then one thing is for sure, the name hasn't received the respect it deserves. Already in as few as 3 seasons there have been several name changes and fans have had to watch senior industry figures publicly squabble over rights issues. As one such fan I feel the need to write down my thoughts on this recent saga.

Initially Lotus’s return was under the freshly branded guise of Lotus Racing.

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